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Rabbi Levi Goldstein

Rabbi Levi Goldstein, A famous master in the field of “Chinuch Al Taharas Hakodesh” who has dedicated his life to teaching Limudei Kodesh since 5730 (1970), proudly presents to you this very unique series of Torah CDs called “The Living Sidrah.”

Rabbi Levi Goldstein is following in the footsteps of his father, Rabbi Yosef Goldstein Shlita, known as “Uncle Yossi,” who has taught Torah concepts to thousands of children via his records and, tapes and various radio programs.

Rabbi Levi Goldstein is highly praised for his unusual and unique way of teaching Limudei Kodesh. He continues today as a top-notch Mechanech in Yeshiva Oholei Menachem in Brooklyn. He succeeded in mastering an ideal method of teaching Chumash in the early stages of Chinuch, including a newly printed text on Chumash entitled “Ben Chomesh L’Mikrah” (A linear translation both in Yiddish and English.)

Rabbi Goldstein is gifted with a powerful magnetic, personality. Parents truly marvel how he instills in the heart of his students such a warm attitude and love towards Hashem, the Torah and Mitzvos.

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